Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Living in Limbo

Well we have moved in although the house sale is till not completed. Watching our home gradually empty of all things familiar, and watching those same things take up new positions over at the new house seemed so strange so in the end it seemed more sensible to make the move earlier than we had really planned. Plus the three of us were becoming tired from the to ing and fro ing backwards and forwards most days between the two houses.

The sale does seem to be dragging on and I cant say that I am impressed with our solicitor. I have done most of the donkey work in getting her information and there was a three week delay when she sent for information to the wrong address, when I had given her the correct details in writing the first time we met. She chose to ignore my details and used info from a web site which was out of date. I also think the buyers are playing for time, as although they impressed on us that they wanted a quick puchase (which we agreed with and were happy to comply with ) they appear to be dragging things there side now. As they are developers we wonder if they are waiting to complete on financial issues their side which we have not been made aware of. All in all this is so stressful and I am so worried that things will still fall apart even at this late stage, We signed our side of the contract nearly three weeks ago........

Financially this has also been an almost crippling time as I have been having to pay two lots of bills for the past few months out of just my wage as hubby is not working. I shall be so glad to get to the end of all this now.

I'm not sure about the new job. I love the people that I am working with but I am constantly being over ruled in any decisions that I make, by the other manager that I work with, and my boss doesn't seem to have any objections to that, which I am finding quite hard to deal with. I am used to going out to see customers who have a complaint so that I can build up a relations ship with them, so that we can deal amicably and swiftly with any build problems that they have with their new home, but the other manager that I am working with hates leaving the office, does everything on the phone, never takes a lunch break because 'she is so busy' , works late in the evening at home, and I feel like I am being expected to do the same, when I feel it is totally un necessary. I don't know any more, maybe it is just me and my frame of mind is just completely wrong. I don't think I am going to last but at 60 I am now adding to my ever growing list of things that I am worrying about, with the fact that I may never get another job again that will cover two wages. I have to be realistic and face the fact that Hubby probably will never work again and that his health is not getting any better and the issues that he has from his diabetes may get worse and not better.

All in all the past few months have been so wearying but I am still mindful everyday that we are so much better off than many people and that we are still alive and kicking, albeit kicking a little more slowly than we used to :-)

Onwards and upwards....

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Compostwoman said...

I am so sorry you are going through all this stress. xxx