Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Perth Employment Agency Update

The woman that I have been emailing, phoning and calling for over a week regarding the job her agency are advertising, finally replied to my email on Friday and apologised for the lack of contact as she had been away all week. OK, can live with that.

She asked me when I would be available for a telephone call. I replied straight away and said I could be available at any time to suit her (I don't mind having a conversation at any time as long as we have one !) But  I asked could she drop me an email just to let me know roughly when it was likely to be, so that I could make sure I was by the phone (there is nothing like lack of prior warning when you are woken in the middle of the night and need to have a sensible conversation to sell you capabilities when you have just woken with an unexpected jump)

Its now Tuesday afternoon here (and 9.30 at night in Perth) and somehow I'm starting to think I am back to where I was nearly two weeks ago.

Am I asking too much for professional service, from a large professional employment agency, for a professional position? I'm starting to think its me...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Still Here

Well, I am still here. In the UK that is. Some things have changed a little in the past few weeks. Himself managed to get a job back with his old boss, but this means that he is now working in Kent again and living in a caravan. Its great to get him away from day time television but it means that by the time he gets paid at the end of the month we will have paid out about £1400 in caravan fees and petrol expenses. He can claim back some of the petrol expenses but wont get this until the end of May. He cannot claim back any of the caravan fees sadly. And he is grumpy with a capital G right now. Its looking increasingly as though he is going  to have to go onto insulin for his diabetes as we still cant get his blood sugar levels down to where they should be. And he hates being on his own.....

I have still been job hunting myself, both here and in Perth. I do have a job offer here which is good, but I don't start for another month and I will also be working away from home mostly, which is not so good :-( but beggars cant be choosers right now, so I have to just get on with it. Just means I will be up North, Son no 2 will be at home in the Midlands and Himself will be down South.....

I have two jobs that I have applied for in Perth, both of which I am suitably qualified for, have current knowledge etc but do you think I can get to speak to the consultant at the agency who's dealing with the vacancy? Can I heck as like ! I have applied on line, I have emailed as well, have called her office twice and her mobile once. She appears to never return calls or emails. I was starting to think that it is just me, but having spoken to other people who have applied for work in Oz, it seems that what I am experiencing is normal, consultants there appear to be so half soaked and unprofessional compared to the guys back here that I have been dealing with over the past few weeks who were so on the ball it was wonderful and I am full of praise for them.

The house is still full of packed boxes. I have only unpacked the ones which contained vital stuff like interview and work clothes and kitchen stuff, all the others I have left packed or have re packed. Not just because I am hoping above hope that a job in Perth comes off, but because a move from the Little Terraced House may happen any way - long story which I wont go into just yet. Its frustrating and a little depressing keep moving round boxes of 'stuff' so my task whilst I am at home for some of the next few weeks is going to be to de clutter even more than I already had - I know I still have way too much stuff lurking about.

Charlie had his first appointment at Perth Childrens Hospital. They are pleased with his progress since his last op in Birmingham and have roughly scheduled his next op for late this year, early next year. I am so desperate to be out there before then to help my son and daughter in law as much as we can when 'Bruce' (my nickname for Bump no 3) puts in an appearance and to be there for my two beautiful littlies who I am missing sooooooo much. Even though I am SO grateful for skpye, I come off it in tears most times.

So, onwards and upwards !

Elaine, sending you a big, but gentle hug. If there is anything, anything I can do to help, drop me an email xxx