Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Thank You

Some people are lovely people and some people are angels on earth. You know who you are, thank you so so much xxx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Urgent Urgent Urgent

I need to re home my beloved older cat from Friday. I wont go into details now, but its not her fault in any way shape or form.

She is nearly 14, spayed, microchipped, no health issues that I am aware of, ( can still clear a 6 foot fence with ease) a good mouser, is sweet and gentle and climbs on your lap and pads you if you are crying....

I have tried every re homing place that I can think of but I am having no luck at all. I am also quite happy to contribute to her keep.

She is a really pretty tortoiseshell and white.

Please pass this message on to other cat lovers, I can travel to deliver her to a good kind loving home.

Urgent Urgent Urgent.....

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ebay - time to find another way of selling me thinks!

Have you seen the latest news from ebay? From the 4th of September, not only do you have to pay final value fees on the amount that an item sells for (I can understand that) but you will then have to pay a final value fee on the POSTAGE amount!

So for example an item sells for 10 pounds and the postage is 4.20, the final value fee is calculated on 14.20 = 1.42. Then of course if you are paid through paypal, you will pay a further amount on this 14.20 that the buyer sends to your account (I think its 3.2% from memory).......which I think works out to about another 43 pence (maths was never my strong point) so now on a sale price of 10 pounds, 1.83 pence of that will go in 'fees'.

I hate to think how many people who sell items for low amounts but have high deliver costs are going to fair, its not going to be worth selling on there now........I have often sold items at 0.99 pence just to de clutter, but with the buyer paying all the post costs. Now it wont be worth the financial or hassle values.

Maybe the charity shops will benefit when people see that its hardly worth their time and effort listing items.

Anybody want to join me in setting up a company called Fairbay???