Saturday, 16 January 2016

On The Move

The Little Terraced House has sold and we are on the move. I am glad that we have been able to work things the way that we have, moving to my sons house has meant that we can move gradually bit by bit and get his house the way that feels like home to us, before we have to finally leave here.

It has been a roller coaster few weeks, none of us in the best frame of mind about moving from here - we love our home, have great neighbours, local shops and of course my garden. But, we all know we have to make this move and gradually things are all coming together.

I have also been having to get to grips with a new job. Lovely people, seems like a good company, but its me that's not right at the moment and I am desperately hoping that my feelings will change when we have finally moved and settled in. I have only been getting a couple of hours sleep a night and combined with working, packing (third time in three years!) and diy ing my sons house, I am tired.

Fingers crossed now that everything goes smoothly.

I am off to pack up my welsh dresser, Have a Great Weekend !

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Its been a long time, but I am still here, just about. Little Terraced House is about to move to another home - the past couple of years have taken quite a hard toll on us, My Lovely Husband has lost all 7 brothers and sisters, one after another and he is the only one of his family left. As you can imagine it has been a hard, emotional and difficult time which has taken a toll on his own heath and well being.

So a move is on the cards, the Little Terraced House is up for sale and we will be moving to my sons house while we re group and decide which direction we go in during 2016.

Please, have a Happy and Good New Year and love the people who mean the most to you as life really is too short.

Love and Best Wishes, Babs xxx

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to you! As you may have guessed we went back to Perth, but we have just gotten back to the UK. Its been a hard, difficult, often frustrating and exhausting few months where very little has gone right and its continuing now that we are back.

I have every finger, toe etc crossed that that things change soon.

Love. good health and happiness to you. I'll be back soon when I can catch my breath and work out how to deal with a myriad of issues which are weighing me down (no more than anybody else has I know, but I am weary and a little worn out around the edges right now, so I cant see things as clearly as I need to or work out what to do next)

Love and Hugs for 2014 xxxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Thank You

Some people are lovely people and some people are angels on earth. You know who you are, thank you so so much xxx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Urgent Urgent Urgent

I need to re home my beloved older cat from Friday. I wont go into details now, but its not her fault in any way shape or form.

She is nearly 14, spayed, microchipped, no health issues that I am aware of, ( can still clear a 6 foot fence with ease) a good mouser, is sweet and gentle and climbs on your lap and pads you if you are crying....

I have tried every re homing place that I can think of but I am having no luck at all. I am also quite happy to contribute to her keep.

She is a really pretty tortoiseshell and white.

Please pass this message on to other cat lovers, I can travel to deliver her to a good kind loving home.

Urgent Urgent Urgent.....

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ebay - time to find another way of selling me thinks!

Have you seen the latest news from ebay? From the 4th of September, not only do you have to pay final value fees on the amount that an item sells for (I can understand that) but you will then have to pay a final value fee on the POSTAGE amount!

So for example an item sells for 10 pounds and the postage is 4.20, the final value fee is calculated on 14.20 = 1.42. Then of course if you are paid through paypal, you will pay a further amount on this 14.20 that the buyer sends to your account (I think its 3.2% from memory).......which I think works out to about another 43 pence (maths was never my strong point) so now on a sale price of 10 pounds, 1.83 pence of that will go in 'fees'.

I hate to think how many people who sell items for low amounts but have high deliver costs are going to fair, its not going to be worth selling on there now........I have often sold items at 0.99 pence just to de clutter, but with the buyer paying all the post costs. Now it wont be worth the financial or hassle values.

Maybe the charity shops will benefit when people see that its hardly worth their time and effort listing items.

Anybody want to join me in setting up a company called Fairbay???

Friday, 26 July 2013

Rationalisation Needed

Ok........I can't work this one out, can you rationalise it for me and explain it back to me?

There is a job that I have applied for. I believe that I meet all the criteria, have the required experience, qualifications etc. So I sent my application, crossed my fingers and toes and waited, hoping for a response of some sort, either positive or negative.

A month went past and the job was still showing as current on the job site, but there was no closing date, so I didn't know when it was going to close. I checked the companies website to see if there was any more information on there and found that it gave the name of the HR Manager. I ummed and aaahed for a couple more days, then decided to call and ask to speak to him, just wanting to know when the vacancy close date was. I called, spoke to a really lovely lady to explained that he was in a meeting (she sounded genuine) and suggested that I drop him an email. So I did, explaining that I had applied for the vacancy and could he let me know when the closing date was. I waited a week, no reply, but the job was still on line. so I mailed again. Still no reply.

So, I just sighed and tried to forget all about it, but it was niggling me.

Then out of the blue, for no reason that I can see (and there probably is some computer related linky type thingy in the background that I don't understand at work here), The HR manager suddenly popped up on my 'could be a new contact' bit on Linkedin. I was puzzled, but as I said its probably a computer thingy. I presume.....?

Anyway, after almost another week had gone past and the job is still on line, still not showing a closing date and by now I am getting the hump a little, so I hit the button that sends a message to people not currently on your contacts list on Linkedin and thought 'sod it, I've got nothing to lose......and to my surprise he added me to his list of contacts the next day! I felt quietly hopeful that he might link me to the job ad and my application. He could view my CV and see the forums that I participate in, which all adds to my credibility to be able to carry out my chosen career path.

But I can't tell if he has viewed anything and the job was taken down off the on line website on Wednesday, but I haven't heard anything, not a dickey bird.

Now am I expecting too much, did I do wrong emailing him directly to ask a question? Why did he add me to his list of contacts, its clear from my profile that I do what I say I do, have xvz qualifications...

Maybe I am being too impatient,  too hyper sensitive, too forward........I don't know any more........any comments, thoughts, suggestions???

I can only think that they have already filled the vacancy as I am starting to realise that when a job goes off line it means the role has been filled and not that they are getting ready to interview.

Damn, blast and botheration. I think I would have liked that role.