Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Debt 2


The first thing I have done is contacted insurance companies to get quotes for the cars, caravan and house to see if there are any possible reductions to be made.

I used one of the online search engines and was quite supprised to see what a difference could be made just switching like for like policies to other insurance companies.

In the end I switched to the AA for both cars, caravan and in total saved £420 a year across the 4 policies !! I am chuffed to bits.

Now £420 is not to be sniffed at, but what I have to do is be strict with those savings whilst we still have the same income coming in (may only be for the next two months) so, £420 over 12 months means a saving of £35 per month.

So, I must save the savings !! Have made a note in my budget folder to make an extra payment to one credit card of £35 at the end of each month (while I can)

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