Thursday, 2 April 2009

Insect bites

Despite having been on antihistamines for the past 24 hours, my extra boob and elbow are still red hot and itchy and have spread further. Himself (ex paramedic ) has drawn a bright blue line across my arm ( I refused to let him draw on my boobs!) to measure if the swelling expands any more (I do hope that it wasn't a permanent marker that he used......)

I keep trying to convince him that this is 'normal' for me, but the suspicious look he gave me sort of made me think he didn't believe me.....

It did make me stop and think though. If something so tiny that I couldn't even see it with the naked eye, can pack such a punch, then what the hell could the thing do if it was our size for heavens sake? Doesn't bear thinking about does it.

Off to have a nap. And hope my thin blue line hasn't increased when I wake up as I have been promised a trip to casualty if it has......oh joy......

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