Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Well, this little man does make me smile. He is still at that permanent puzzled looking stage. You know that expresson of, I had no idea it was going to be this bad out here. he looks alternately grumpy, confused, unsettled and well, cheesed off with things. LOL, he is so sweet and I have to say I guess I would be quite cheesed off if my big brother (now 14 months old) kept coming up and hitting me on the head (affectionately) and shouting 'Baba' down my ear !

So far so good, I had the two of them over night last weekend - I have to say it does make you realise that you are getting older, chasing after a now walking, toddling whirl wind and constantly trying to do everything with a tiddly one on your arms is quite wearing ! Lewis not a good sleeper, even at home and I got up 46 times to settle him and eventually he went to sleep on my chest, so I spent the rest of the night propped up with pillows everywhere. However I did have the most beautiful smile to wake up from Charlie who was beaming at me from the travel cot at the end of my bed - it made everything else totally worth while.

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