Monday, 21 March 2011

Sad, Horrible People

Somewhere along the line, in the land of invisible internet people, somebody has been so horrible, has said something so awful that they have upset two people very close to my heart.

On Friday Rhonda Jean from Down to Earth blogged about the person who had upset her. But we fellow bloggers rallied round, sent her good wishes and internet hugs and hopefully fingers crossed she will be fine...

However the lovely Froogs from Frugal Queen blog hasn't faired so well and very sadly seems to feel that she can no longer go on blogging. She will be very very much missed by me and so many others for whom she has been such an inspiration and I just hope that one day she will be back on here.

I'll really miss you Froogs xx Hope you are back soon.


Out Back said...

Yes these people truly are Sad, Horrible People.

I follow both these blogs, and it is not a nice feeling knowing these "people" are out there.

I am going to follow along with your blog.

Wishing you a great day,


dubgirl said...

It is very sad that FQ feels she can no longer blog, I will really miss her blog x