Thursday, 23 May 2013

Woolwich Today

Himself was in the army. His Sister's son was in the army and is still out in harms way as a security officer. His brother was in the army. His other sister, her husband and two sons were in the army, one of them being very seriously wounded in Afghanistan and is lucky to be alive even though he is now partly paralysed and brain injured. My married family are all proud to have served their county - one of them on the 'wrong side' according to the rest of his Irish family from whom he has been divorced since he took the Queen's shilling.

My heart bleeds tonight for this poor young man who was slain on our streets. I don't know the why or the wherefore of what his attackers wanted to prove but I do know the heart ache of losing loved ones and the many hours we sat with my nephew in Intensive Care when he was flown back to the UK after we had twice been told he had died in the attack that ended his army life.

Who ever you love, give them an extra hug tonight. Life really is too short not to let them know you care xxxx

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