Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hubby has an endoscopy booked for next Friday (camera down inside) The doc wants to look at his pancreas. His Blood Sugar levels have been up and down again the past few days, but they have been lower than late which is good. His eye site has also improved. We both went for eye tests last Saturday and I have to collect my new specs today. However the optician checked his eyes but refused to prescribe him new glasses as his BS levels were not stable and he hadn't started the Insulin injections, telling him that until he had got the levels more stable and the insulin doses had been settled, his eye site would vary daily, something which has been born out this week.

He knows that he has to really get to grips with this now and is also very aware of what the docs may be looking for at the endoscopy. Whilst working away he finds it incredibly difficult to cater for himself and invariably like most builders lives on rubbish food during the day. I just keep re iterating how much healthier he was when we were out in Oz and were working together. We would take breakfast in with us, cereals, fruit and mid morning snack was home made bread toast, lunch was always a big salad with some pasta or rice, fruit or yogurt. Afternoon snack was fruit, yogurt or a couple of crackers and then tea was something like chicken, salad and a jacket potato. I'm not saying it was just because we were in Oz, but the fact that we were together and I could help him control and balance what he was eating.

Mind you the sunshine, swimming each day, chasing two grandsons and less job stress I think helped a great deal. When we came home he went straight back to doing what he has always done here and lost the good habits he had been building up. I just hope that its not too late to reverse them again.

I am still trying to get another job back out in Perth, but this week cant really focus on things clearly, just want Himself to be OK. The job I started here lasted two days and then the ceiling fell in, literally, buts that whole other story for another day. Suffice to say, if you are insured by LV, then I wish you the best of luck with any insurance claim you try and make with them.

I have never made a house or contents insurance claim in my life and estimate that the amount I have paid over the years must come to about 15000 pounds. I seriously think now I would have been better putting the money in an ISA and using it if I ever needed it for a house problem, my current experience is that insurance is no help what so ever when you are at the time when you need the help the most.

Rant over, off to clean out the rest of the shed which didn't get done before Xmas, go and get my new glasses and WEAR them whilst driving and then get my back side down to sunny Kent.

Have a lovely weekend! Thanks Jan and Sarah, your comments mean a lot xxxxxx

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