Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy 2009 - Lets hope its a good one!

Well, after 8 weeks of working as a labourer on my husbands construction site (more about that later) I am home. We got back late on Xmas Eve and hubby decided to come down with a stomach bug before Xmas lunch - nothing to do with my cooking I am very pleased to say!!

I followed suit a day later, and one week on we are still feeling very under the weather and quite weak, - have never had a bug lay me so low before, its been quite scary.

So as I sit here at little over 8.30 pm on New Years Eve contemplating going back to bed, may I wish each and every one a Very Happy, Peaceful, Less stressful, more sensible and frugal New Year.

Hugs to everybody, will be back soon, hopefully feeling better than I do now. xx

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Kim said...

Welcome Back & A vey Happy New Year!

Hereford uk