Friday, 16 January 2009

Well, the stomach bug certainly wasn't fun. A couple of weeks on and neither of us are back to feeling 100%, so if anybody else has succumbed to this horrible bug, you certainly have my sympathies.

The building company that Himself works for put every one of its managers on notice of redundancy this week - it had been expected so wasn't really a shock. There are about 38 managers and assistant managers in hubbies region - the company want to slim this down to about 9 we think to continue with sites which are still at build (and more importantly selling ) stage. So he has had to fill out a questionnaire detailing why he thinks he should keep his job ect. He has an interview with his contracts manager on Tuesday next week and then there will be a second interview sometime later. Everybody should know by the 13th of Feb if they are being kept on (probably at a lower salary, less benefits package too) So we will have to wait and see.

On a slightly brighter note I have a job interview myself next week. However this is where it gets complicated, so I will try to keep this simple. Hubby has worked mostly in the Kent/London area for several years, Whilst he is working away we live in a caravan usually on the building site (or caravan site if we cant) However our home is in the midlands and I commute to be with him most of the week, coming home to see my son who lives with us and catch up with home chores, the garden ect as and when I can. However the job interview I have is for a company based in Chatham - seemed like a good idea when i applied (hubby in Kent, me in kent) now if he does get made redundant, he wont be working in kent and I wont have a home base there either (no job, no site to put caravan home base in kent.....) and 3 weeks before we know if hubby is going to be coming home permanently!

So, its at that time where you drive yourself crazy trying to work out all the possible options of how to deal with something that might never happen.....or might happen...

On another sadder note, I just wanted to say that Sharon over at Finding Simplicity has sadly decided to cease blogging for personal reasons. Sharon has been an inspiration to me over the time she has been writing her in blogland and I will miss my daily dose of her good sense and sensible thoughts. Come back soon !!

I'll be back soon.....somebody has drunk my tea and I need to go and make another one !

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