Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Baby Update, update

Just a quick post today as the past few weeks have been more than a little hectic - my son and his fiance are going ahead with having the baby. He, bless him is growing well and is kicking like mad and doing gambols inside her now ! They sat and talked for a while, but neither of them could go with any other decision other than to go to full term and let nature and the excellent consultant do what ever they decide is the best thing. So its back to fingers very firmly crossed.

I have had some lovely emails, thank you so much they have been very appreciated.

Himself was on a training course last week. The Trainer, a lovely man who Himself has met several times over the years on various courses, is also a Minister. Himself mentioned at some point during the day about the baby and his heart condition, and the Trainer, in his Ministerial role offered to organise a world wide prayer that weekend across his church, through the power of the Internet. When Himself told me what had been done, I burst into tears as did my son and his fiance. What a beautiful thing to have suggested and to have put into action. I was truly very humbled by the thought of people who we will never meet, who will never know us, taking the time to pray for a good outcome for the little one.......regardless of whether we share their own religious beliefs.....truly humbling.

Will be back later this week for an update on other things. xxx

Oh, my son wont tell me what the babies name is to be, only that his initials will be CS. So to that end I have started calling him Charlie Sydney, or Claude Snudge (anybody old enough to remember The Army Game, will know the second one !)

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dubgirl said...

Its good to hear from you again, wishing you and your family many positive vibes and more virtual hugs x