Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some ebayers should be shot !

Recently I put on line a set of garden chairs and a small side table. I was pleased to see that 59 people were watching the items and I hoped that meant they would sell. I wasnt expecting a fortune, anything these days would be a help.

The items were listed as 'collection only' as they are quite heavy and to send them by a courier would have cost a fortune. In the end 3 people tried to out bid each other and the chairs finally sold for just under £30 - not enough to pay the mortgage off, but every little helps as Tesco's keep telling us!

The woman who won the auction came back to me after two days and asked me if she could pick them up in two weeks time as she was going on holiday that day. I replied politely and said that two weeks time would be difficult as I myself would be away. She came back to me later that night to say she would pick them up the next day. I emailed her my address and phone number and asked if she could let me know roughly when it would be just so I could make sure somebody was here to let her in.

She didnt turn up or contact me that day. The following day she emailed me to say her grandad had now got her a set and she didnt want this one, but no problem I should ask one of the other people who had bid, if they still wanted it.

I wasnt very happy. This lady had messed me about for 4 days. So I posted a Second Chance listing for the person whoc had bid the second highest, in the hope that they would still want the chairs, but 24 hours later, they hadnt bid, so obviously they had changed their minds or had made another purchase.

Then, things got more silly. I contacted ebay to cancel the transaction with the woman, so that I did not have to pay final value fees for an item which it appeared I was not going to get paid for. The response came back from ebay a few hours later, that the buyer was refusing to cancel the transaction and I would still be liable for the final value fees !!!

I emailed ebay again asking them to look at the situation which they did, and they cancelled the final value fee payment.

But then, more annoyingly, she has now posted negative feedback saying that the chairs and table were broken!!!!!! She hasnt even seen them !!! I am now having to ask ebay to remove the negative feedback. This woman is a flipping nutter !!! I really cant work out what on earth she is playing at.

All I can say is that thankfully the majority of ebay buyers are nice people and all of the previous transactions I have been party to, either as a seller or a buyer have gone through without any hitches. I hope ebay do sort this out, this is really annoying me.

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purplestormwitch said...

i know what you mean and i sympathise....its a pain in the bum,have had it happen to me several times.