Saturday, 30 June 2012

Garden Organic - Brilliant Day !!

I had a brilliant day today at Garden Organic at Ryton near Coventry. It was the Master Gardener and Master Composter conference and almost 200 fellow MG's and MC's from North and South London, Lincolshire, Norfolk, Leicestershire, York, Hereford and Worcester and Malvern were there. It was so good to be in the company of like minded people and we had some really good speakers, one of whom was Chris Collins, the Blue Peter gardener. He was a really nice guy and very funny. One of the best parts was that Compost Woman Sarah won the Master Composter Award, partly due to the great advice that she offers on her blog. If you havent read any of her posts before, pop over to her blog, the link is on my sidebar. I'm off to bed now - it has been a very very long few days, but today, being in the company of like minded people and spending time at my beloved Ryton Gardens has lifted my spirits which have been a little flat recently !


Compostwoman said...

Wasn't it a great day! I always love going to Ryton - I wish I lived closer - I would be there all the time!

Thank you so much for the praise, and I am SO sorry I kept missing meeting you - I *did* look for you but people I asked kept saying "she has gone over to..."

You have more stamina than me though, I got home, had a meal, tweeted and updated the blog and the Facebook The Compostbin page with the basic news of the award, and then gave up

Will be posting pics and write up later on today.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for your kind comments at the passing of my little granddaughter, Rowan, to HLHS. I am asking God to give your little Charlie a good outcome. Cherish every moment you have with him! Rowan had a FaceBook page with 2600 families following her struggle. She touched so many lives in such a short amount of time. Give Charlie a little hug from me next time you see him.

xx Cathy
North Idaho, USA