Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Biggest Change I have EVER made....

Well, its been coming for a while.....I knew it was likely to happen. I have prayed it would and also prayed that it wouldn't happen, but now it has. We, have made the biggest change that could ever happen to a couple who are not that far off reaching the time in their lives when they should be slowing down.

We, instead will now be gearing up and working harder than we possibly ever have. We have made the change for a myriad of reasons. The economic climate has pushed us. Family members have our hearts. The working environment here in the UK has contributed and after 12 heart wrenching, nerve wracking, sleepless months, which I can honestly say have been THE most stressful I have ever endured in my whole life.

Deep Breath in......we have moved to Australia. Son number 1 and the 2 littlies arrived three weeks ago, we arrived 2 days ago.

I am so tired it is untrue - I'm not good at sitting still for hours on a plane and himeself, trust me, is even worse. But we made it - now we just need to adjust to the time difference and the jet lag and the fact that every joint in my body has seemed to have seized up in the past 48 hours.

I have made the change that has been pushing to happen and I have never been so scared in my whole life..................

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Miss Piggy Bank said...

Wow ! Congratulations and how exciting !!!! Don't just leave it there... did you sell your old place and have you bought a new place there ? Do you have a new job lined up ? Sorry to sound like such a nosey parker but it is such a great thing to do !! All the best x