Friday, 9 November 2012

One of the reasons..

I haven't yet been able to see my littlies, (will see them tomorrow :-) ) but tonight's phone call melted my heart (yet again) and confirmed that we hopefully have made the right decision.

The little voice on the phone (who doesn't know we are here yet) saying 'where are you Nana?? I want to go Nana's house and see my books and Fireman Sam.....

The emotion and slight confusion in his voice about where his Nana (and his books) now are. His (and his younger brother's) worlds have changed. Their old home has gone, their books and toys were 'disapeared' into boxes when they were asleep, furniture went. Only Nana's house held the familiarity and continuity that they had always known and still knew even up to the afternoon of the evening when they flew. Nana and Grandad didn't get as many hugs as everybody else before they walked through the door marked 'Departures'  - Nana and Grandad didn't need as many hugs, because they were always there, they had been there constantly for weeks and were, well, just Nana and Grandad :-) Other relatives saying goodbye who were mere fleeting faces in their lives were far more interesting at goodbye time :-) Nana and Grandad, well they would always be there.....

The little voice said it all. We are so missed, so not part of his current new exciting 3 year old life. And Nana and Grandad, in his little world should be there.

So, because of him and his little brother, they are one of the main reasons we have made this move. Not the only reason, but one of the very main ones. Because of that little voice, because of that pull on our heart strings and because we know just how very precious that little man is. And, how blessed we are to be able to spend time with him.

His next major op will be next year - its the last of a series of 3 (although he has had to have 4) which are aimed to get him to teenager hood when he should be able to accept an adult heart as there are no childrens hearts available for transplant. He doesn't know he is ill, he actually doesn't look ill except for when he goes blue and suddenly goes tired, but ill he is and we know how very very special everyday with him is.

I love those two little men with all my heart  - they are chalk and cheese in personalities, but both so funny and so special to Nana.

I cant wait to see their faces tomorrow when they see us. What better birthday present could I have :-)

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Welcome to Australia :)

Cheers, Karen near Gympie