Sunday, 6 January 2013

November the 10th 2012

What a beautiful birthday ! We went into Perth City Centre as arranged with my son and found the coffee bar that he had suggested that we meet at. Hubby ordered the teas and we sat and watched the world go by for a while, then just after my Son had phoned us to say where they were, my son and daughter in law came around the corner with the double pushchair, the two littlies asleep in the sushine.

Us grown ups hugged and hugged and talked non stop for about ten minutes and then Charlie woke up. He blinked himself awake and stared at me for what seemed ages, then he finally smiled a huge smile of recognition, was released from his pushchair straps and climbed straight on to my lap, his head buried in my neck. 'I want to go nana's house' was all he said as he snuggled there. We hugged and rocked, me and this little man, while we all talked, waiting for Lewis to wake too (he HATES being woken, so its always advisable to leave him to wake up by him self if possible :-)

A few minutes later, he woke - loudly as always ! He didnt need any time to recognise us...'DWANDWAD!!!!' (he can't say Grandad) he shouted - he only has two volumes, loud and louder that little man! Then he was released from the pushchair, also climbed on my lap jostling for space with Charlie, and sat, totally ignoring me, playing with his Grandad lol

We went for a lovely birthday lunch in Northbridge and sat catching up on the events, both side of the Indian Ocean for the previous three weeks. Son and Daughter in Law are staying in a holiday let for the first three months while they look for a longer term let and they had settled in well. They like us, had already been to Perth several times to visit relatives, so it wasn't as if they had arrived somewhere they didn't already know a little bit about. My son had started his new job and was enjoying it, which was good and we were due to start work two days later, on the Monday.

David my son bought me flowers and a gift voucher and I had a lovely card from him and Sonia and a separate one form Charlie and Lewis.

'To Nana, all our love on your first birthday in Oz,' it said, 'Love from Charlie, Lewis and ?'


I looked up from the card to two smiling people.....

Grand baby number three is due in we will have our hands full !!!!!!!

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Compostwoman said...

Oh WOW! I don't know how I missed this, but congratulations on such a huge, life changing move.

I hope everything goes how you want and you and all your family thrive and grow in Australia.

I am going to miss you over here, though.