Monday, 28 January 2013


For the first couple of weeks after moving in here to our bedsit in the cow shed, we were constantly hearing motorbikes revving up late at night. We weren't too bothered by this, we are right next to a busy highway which never sleeps, so we just thought that it was traffic on the move.

But three weeks into our move here we spent the day at Kings Park, which is the most beautiful botanical park in Perth which over looks the Swan River and hidden away in the displays near to the 'wet' areas, I found a sign telling us about Perth's Motorbike Frogs (I am being serious, this isn't an early April Fools Day Joke', so when we got home I googled them and found..

Motorbike Frog
Litoria moorei is a frog well known in Southwest Australia, its notoriety deriving from the call suggestive of a motorbike revving up through its gears which gives it it's common name, the Motorbike Frog. Wikipedia

Now we know what we are listening to we look out for Harley as he become known, but have yet see him.

The past couple of nights he has been joined by Suzuki and Triumph  -  and the evenings are getting noisier !

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