Thursday, 17 January 2013


The decision has been made to close the company as it is trading insolvently.

Tonight all the lads (10 of them) will be told they are out of work. 4 of them were expecting to be sent to Malaysia the week after next, to work on a 'big project' which hasn't materialised (Jim stringing them along, hoping that one of his dreams without substance, would come true)

Today is a very difficult day and I can't wait to go home to bed.

Have applied for 5 jobs this week, but not heard anything yet - too early.

Have fingers, legs and anything else that I can cross, crossed.

Oh and one last piece of news, insects out here, all types, sizes and species, seem to think all their birthday lunches have come at once. I have bites everywhere, some of them are now sandwich plate sized.

They are hot, itchy and driving me mad and I am living on antihistamine's.

I so hope things start to get better.............xx

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