Sunday, 27 January 2013

City of Lights

Yesterday was Australia Day and we spent the evening watching the beautiful fire works display over Perth City.

I love fireworks at the best of times and it was great to be able to step out of how were feeling for a short while and watch the brilliant colours crash over the dark sky. The banks of the River Swan were teaming with good humoured folks enjoying their day, there were picnics and kiddies playing everywhere and even as the evening fell, people were walking, cycling and just sitting waiting for the explosion of colours.

I don't think any body could have been disappointed with the display, Perth City Council certainly put on a good show. Getting out of the City afterwards was another matter.......   :-) but I wont go into that....

Today has been another day of ups and downs. Hubby has had enough and wants to go home now, this minute..I want to wait until next weekend to see if there are any replies to any of the job vacancies that I have applied for and we are not agreeing on anything today. Its one of those days when you get up grumpy (him) and nothing, not anything is right with the world. Everything I say is wrong and I understand, really I do, but I am going through my own personal headaches right now and I cant deal with everything that he is feeling, its all too much to handle at one time. So right now he is sitting in bed watching a DVD and I am job hunting back home on the computer. Peace is restored, but it has been a fraught day and I am tired of thinking right now, tired of trying to work out what is the best thing for us to do.

I really don't know what to do and I keep hoping a bolt from the blue will hit me and point me in the right direction.

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