Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What to do ???

The past few weeks have flown past. There has been a lot to get to grips with - new shops, new living accommodation, new places to visit, new ways of life. Oh and the temperature !!! over Xmas, where we are in the Perth Suburbs, the temp reached 43 degrees !!!! Boy is that hot, especially for a large, bald Scotsman, who loves the cold and the rain at the best of times! He looked like a large boiled beetroot for several days as his body struggled to acclimatise - and getting very little sleep at night due to high temperatures too and little air cooling where we are living (large concrete block ex stable where the walls retain the heat) did not make for good tempers for several days.

Now things have gotten slightly worse. The company we both came out to work for, is going bust and has maybe only a couple of weeks left before they go bankrupt. Hubby has already been laid off and not been paid for 8 days that he worked, me I am still here, but have no idea if I will get paid this week either.

This affects out ability to stay in Australia in several major ways. I am the main Visa holder, which means that I have to stay employed for us to stay here. I can move to another company, IF they are prepared to take over my visa sponsorship.Hubby can work for who ever he likes, doing what he he might choose to do, me I have to find a job WITHIN the field that my visa is issued for (Quality and Environmental Management) So far I have applied for 3 positions and heard nothing back as yet.

Further complications are, the company we are working for is my husband's brothers and they are fast falling out. We are also living in his ex stable block so if we fall out, we also have no where to live. The whole situation is becoming untenable and we believe that my brother in law is seriously mentally ill - so does the rest of his family, wife, sons etc. Oh and my sister in law has just been charged with fraudulently altering company documentation........its getting worse by the day to be truthful.

So, at this point I don't know what is going to happen. I am trying to keep positive, but its hard. I am coming into work to see a man who quite honestly is the WORST business man I have EVER come across, who has made MILLIONS and I do mean  MILLIONS, but has squandered it all away, who is refusing to deal with anything, but is talking openly to me about starting a new business in February, whilst not dealing with any of the current problems and is seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is penniless. The only way that this company has made any money has been through the hard hard work of his previous management team, but Jim thinks he did it all on his own and there is no body cleverer than him.

So, we are at a real predicament point. I think if I get paid this week, we will be lucky. There don't seem to be that many jobs advertised for my skills, if we walk out etc we have no where to live....but if we stay, we may not have any money either.

We, my son, daughter in law and hubby had a long long heart to heart last night and have decided that we give it a couple of weeks job hunting here and may have to move in with them if necessary (which really I know none of us wants, as they don't have a big house) and then we may have to make the decision to go back to the UK. To no jobs and no home.

I feel dammed if I do and dammed if I don't, this morning.

Oh, and Jim is up most nights, talking to God and telling him what he is doing wrong as he (Jim) knows better than God how things should be run..............


Compostwoman said...

All I can do is send you huge hugs across the seas - and hope all will be ok for you in the end .

Sorry, not very helpful I know but it is all I can do.

Little Terraced House said...

Thanks for that, really needed it. Might be back MC and MGing sooner than I thought !!!

Compostwoman said...

Well if that is what hapens in the eend you will be welcomed back here.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Oooh, just checking in on you and seeing how the move has gone...
Not good news sadly.
I'll keep my fingers crossed you are able to find employment in your field, and not have to pack up and return home to England, without giving it a fair chance.
Put bug spray on at all times !