Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Baby Bump

Today my darling daughter in law had her 20 weeks scan. As Charlie, No 1 Grandson has Hyper Plastic Left Heart Syndrome (left side of the heart did not grow), Lewis, No 2 Grandson and Bump No 3 have had detailed heart scans at 20 weeks gestation. Lewis's heart was fine, no problems with that little live wire at all, I am pleased to say.

Bump no 3 had their heart scan today and I am pleased to say no problems found at all, great news.

Oh, and its another boy !

More cuddles for Nana - if I can only get a job back in Perth.

A job which I would have really really really loved (combining my love for my work and gardening) went before I could apply and I am so sad, it would  have been the best job in the world (Sarah, I know you will know what I mean.......) They have at least said they will keep me on file for the future.

All I can do is keep trying....


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Oh what wonderful news♥ How exciting another little boy on the way. Keep trying, sometimes we don't know what is waiting around the corner, I'm keeping everything crossed for you:) xx

Little Terraced House said...

Thanks so much, you are helping with your lovely comments, we are trying so hard that some days it seems almost impossible. xxx