Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The past few days

The weather has been absolutely glorious the past couple of days, more like May than March. Himself and I had a lovely weekend at home, I pottered in the garden and got the greenhouse a little more tidy and he DIY'd a couple of jobs that he had wanted to do for ages, it really felt good to be alive, however by Sunday lunchtime both Himself and Son number 2 were both going downhill with that Sunday 'haven't got my homework done for school tomorrow' feeling and I left one depressed 24 year old at home and drove another 50 something back down to where he is working. The car journey was quite quiet as we were both lost in our thoughts of not wanting to leave home again, and me also with thoughts of the new job that I start in a few weeks time. Then on a Sunday night I might not be travelling back with Himself, but might be setting off in another direction entirely to spend the night in a hotel before work in the morning somewhere between Norwich and Southampton and all points East (only a little area then.....) Ho hum.....

Went to the enormous garden centre near where Himself is working yesterday as a cheer myself up measure. I'd got quite annoyed the night before and was stewing on matters. We have two people close to us that we have lent money to in the recent past, one amount was 1500 pounds (we have managed to get 900 back since last June) and the other is a 600 pound deposit that was put down on a flat for somebody. The person with the flat has now moved out and although the rental agency is ready to return the deposit to us, they are waiting for final meter readings to be sent to them. This doesn't appear to have been done so far, and as such we cant get our deposit back and there is no apparent sense of urgency or thoughtfulness on the part of the borrower as to the fact that we might actually need the money back! Himself is also concerned that maybe the final bills haven't actually been paid, however my comments that the person concerned should concentrate on paying essentials first and not think of things such as holidays abroad and expensive birthday treats for his wife, didn't go down tooooo well, even thought Himself knows that I am speaking the truth.

The final act that pissed me off to the point where my Lovely wonderful Husband handed me the only money he had in his pocket and suggested I go to the garden centre to cheer myself up, was when the borrower of the 1500 pounds phoned him on Monday night for a chat and happened to drop into the conversation that he had bought a new 42 inch tv set for his kitchen / dining room. Now I am not one to begrudge somebody a new TV if they need it, I know that TV is this persons passion, but he already has 4 x 42 inch TVs in the house (1 in each bedroom and 1 in his wife's lounge )and has an even bigger one in his lounge! I was not a happy bunny Monday night let me tell you. How do some people sleep at night, KNOWING they are in debt to friends and family? And seemingly oblivious to the fact and more importantly not seeming to care - I really don't understand it.....

So I went to the Garden Centre yesterday. It was absolutely heaving with people, but what a lovely atmosphere. It was lovely to see so many people out and about enjoying the good weather and being happy and contented doing it ! I bought some fushia's and a six pack of lavender. I didn't use Hubby;s money though as my lovely sons always give me gardening vouchers for xmas and I used one of those. Seeing the last couple of vouchers tucked away on my purse gives me a lovely warm feeling - they are my 'comfort blanket' - I know that I can slip away if life gets too shitty and dream of what I might buy.

When I came back I handed Himself his money back and gave him a big hug for being so thoughtful and unselfish - he knew I was upset and he knew that we cant change the situation without causing additional problems (wont go into that now) so he did the only thing he knew he could do, even though he was upset too.

I wouldn't change this man for all the tea in China !

I have however found something which really did cheer me up. Himself looked at me as if I had lost my marbles totally when I told him what it was.

I'll update you later in the week with photos !

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