Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Plant and compost update

The compost is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous !!! Lots of very well rotted leaf mould and compost mixed - whoever the person was that set up the two compost areas knew what they were doing and although I am the very lucky person who is reaping the rewards, I cant help but feel very sad for the prior owner. I have no idea who the person was who loved their garden so, but I have a mental picture of a lovely old man pottering about, cap on his head, old worn terracotta pot in one hand, trowel in his other, looking for just the right place for what ever plant he had lovingly raised in the pot he is holding, having just come out of (the now smashed to bits ) his beloved greenhouse. This mental picture, romantic as it is I carry around in my head as I survey the remains of the gardens each day to see what other little suprises have sprung up over night.

I keep checking the landscape planting plan that has been supplied for the site when it is finished - and it breaks my heart to see that nearly all the shrubs and plants that are here now are not to be kept - they will just be grubbed up and new ones planted in their place. So, as I potter and explore and take cuttings and carefully dig up, I hope that the old man, who ever he was, is happy that somebody cares about his plants the way that he did, and that he doesn't mind too much that some of them will have happy new homes where they will be loved and appreciated as much as he did.

I will take some photos later in the week. For now I am back home for a night and a day, curtesey of the nice AA man with the big truck. Himself's car is now at the car doctors having a new fuel pump fitted.......nothing to do with me Guv, honest, I didnt break it.

Back down to building site later tonight if car is fixed. Yippee !! means I get an unexpected few hours in the greenhouse - much needed as Himself and I couldn't come home this weekend as he had to work all of it. Just a damn shame that my lovely man cant be here too...........

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