Friday, 20 March 2009

Well, when I told himself what I had found that I wanted, he looked at me as if I had gone daft. You see, I tend to forget at times that his previous wife was one of those women who spend most of their time and money on hairdressers, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures, new clothes - you get the picture. Me, well I spend most of my life in a pair of scruffs, no makeup and go to the hair dressers when I need to, not when I want to. My idea of HELL is to be taken clothes idea of HEAVEN - let me loose in a garden centre or bookshop and you have got me for life.

So for me to tell him the one thing that I had found which had really cheered me up after being so fed up with other peoples lack of respect for his hard earned money was this......

Can you tell what it is?

Or this?

Let me explain. The site that he is building on used to be three old houses and their gardens. Around the perimeter of the site are many beautiful oak trees all with tree preservation orders on them. This means that they have to be sectioned off from any possible damage by the works that are going on. At the bottom of the site when I had a wander around the other evening I found an old greenhouse all smashed up, I'm guessing by the demolition crew when they moved in to clear the site. The glass is lying in bits and the remains of a couple of growbags are still visible. It made me feel really sad to see somebody else's garden treated with such little respect. Anyway as I carried on mooching about, I found treasure like you wouldn't believe ! If I had been given a thousand pounds I couldn't have been more happy

Have you worked out what the two photos are yet? No?

They are two beautifully rotted piles of compost, hidden away at the back of what had been the greenhouse.

After looking at me as though I was crazy and realising that yes, I probably am to him, he agreed that we could bag it up and bring it home for the deep beds. I am in Heaven !!

I looked at the horticultural plans for the finished site this morning as I had also found some plants and shrubs still remaining tucked away in odd places. None of them are mentioned on the finished site plans, which means that when the landscapers come to carry out the planting plan that has been agreed, many of these old plants will be oiked out and gotten rid of. If they are still here by then that is......

The remains of the greenhouse and a forsythia against the fence

We are going home for the weekend and I will be back with lots of black bags for the compost!


Kim said...

Lucky you. Hope you rescue some really lovely plants as well as the compost.
I remember by mum doing the same thing when I was small.
There were several bombed out house from the war over the road from Sutton Park & she used to go in there & "rescue" Roses, Hollyhocks, Foxgloves and load them into the big pram with my brother in it, Until she got stopped by the police one day.

Hereford uk

Betsy Bargain said...

Good for you! I'm glad you rescued that perfectly good compost, and probably will rescue some of the plants. It's really sad when someone has nurtured something, and when it doesn't fit in with the new landscaping, it's just dug up and thrown out.