Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Frustrated Son and Daughter in Law

The bump was booked in to be induced on Tuesday (don't know why, just seems to be the way they do it out in Perth I think) Daughter in Law and Son dutifully turned up at hosp at required book in time, to be told go home again, we are full. Not very happy as they had had to arrange an over night baby sitter for my littlies (who, obviously they still had to pay) So they came home, a bit flat and upset and had to go back to the hosp today for an appointment and they are now re booked in for next Tuesday, assuming that the bump hangs on that long. His due arrival date actually is next Tuesday, so this week would have been a week early.

I am a little confused by all this, why does the hospital want to induce mothers anyway when there are no apparent issues with the health of the baby or the mother? Is it so they can allocate staff, or can try and arrange to not have mothers on the ward on the weekends or something? I'm not sure it sits well with me to some degree, I sort of feel like an induction is somehow messing around with nature. I know its really helpful as far as the planning ahead for babysitters and time off work, but somehow, well it just doesn't seem quite, well, normal if you know what I mean.

Is it just me? Am I out of touch with these things?

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